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Engraving Class Descriptions

Engraving Class content options:

          Basic or beginners engraving class:

This is my entry level engraving class designed for novice beginners. This class is also for experienced engravers who want a refresher course or a different point of view from an experienced full time bench engraver.

In this class I teach:basic class 3

  • Graver making and sharpening
  • Transfer methods
  • Tool and bench set up
  • Good cutting habits
  • Good cutting form
  • Lettering
  • Intro to bright cutting
  • Scroll layout
  • Scroll cutting
  • Background treatments
  • Borders
  • Decorative borders
  • Scroll shading

This is an intensive engraving class and I cover everything needed to get started in basic engraving.

Students will cut four engraving plates in this class. A basic skills plate consisting of lines, circles, and spirals, a bright cutting skills plate, a script lettering plate, and a scroll/borders project plate.basic project plate

This is the engraving class I recommend for first time engravers as this class requires no previous skill set.

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          Intermediate level engraving classes:

There are a few options for intermediate level engraving classes. I teach a one week intensive class that covers a range of intermediate skills. I also teach three day workshop classes that divide the sections of the intermediate class and treat each one with more intensity.

All intermediate engraving classes require a previous skill set. Students must have enough tool control to be able to cut lines to a desired depth cleanly and evenly. They must be able to cleanly cut scrolls, leaves and borders. They must also have a good basic understanding of scroll shading

The one week intermediate class:

In this class I teach:intermediate class plates

  • Advanced scroll patterns (Intertwined scroll, Fine English scroll, etc)
  • Wire and sheet inlay
  • Flare cutting
  • Advanced bright cutting
  • Sculpted engraving

This an intensive engraving class much like the basic class but at a higher level skill set.

This class cuts several practice plates and a project plate that has sheet and wire inlay, Fine English Scroll, Intertwined Scroll, Sculpted scroll, and Flare cut scroll.


NOTE: each of the following three day engraving workshops can be made into five day week classes with more content and student bench practice time added.

Three day flare cutting workshop:
This is three days of intensive bright cutting and flare cutting. Bright cutting and flare cutting are real money makers for jewelers and engravers. These styles have a great sculpted look and can be cut quickly since they have no background or shading. This engraving class explores flare cut lettering, flare cut and bright cut borders, bright cut and flare cut florals, and various flare cut scroll styles.

Three day Inlay class:
This engraving class covers various metal inlay techniques. Sheet inlay techniques, wire inlay techniques, multicolor twisted wire inlay, raised inlay techniques, multi metal flush inlay, are all covered in this workshop.

Three day intermediate scroll workshop:
This engraving class covers layout and cutting various intermediate level scrollwork. Scroll types include; Fine English Scroll, Intertwined scroll, and German Black Leaf. This class also refines the students shading skills.


What I supply for the classes:

I supply all of the tools and equipment used in the engraving class (airgravers, vises, vise stands, gravers, etc.) I even provide a student kit that includes a manual and a supply list for the class. I have GRS and Lindsay brand tools and students can try them out side by side. I have a camera that I run to a TV so students can watch what I am cutting on the screen. I also bring my own compressor. Many studios have a compressor but they are often not large enough to handle a whole class so I provide my own. By furnishing all that I do, students can try engraving without the heavy, up-front, tool investment. It also allows students to test the various brands of equipment. If a student wants to pursue engraving, they can then go to the various suppliers and make an informed decision on which tools best fit them and their needs.

What I don’t supply for the classes:

The only thing the host studio needs to provide is workstations (ie tables or benches) for students to sit and work at.

The only things students need to provide is note taking materials and their own magnification. Optivisors work fine, dental loupes work fine, microscopes are great if they already have one. A camera to take pics of tooling, setups and such is also recommended.


Please note these are my fees for the engraving class, the host studio often adds a fee of their own for studio rent.

I charge either a flat rate for the week or by the student. Some like the flat rate because it tends to make everything easy. I like charging the flat rate because it is simpler than breaking it all down into tool rental fees, tool shipping fees, travel expenses, teaching fees, etc, etc. I like to keep my life simple so I just charge one of two flat rates (your choice) and I take care of my own travel expenses, tooling and such.

Five day (week long) classes

I charge either $700 per student with a minimum of 5 students max of 8 or a flat weekly rate of $4,800 for the week with a max of 8. I only have 8 complete set ups so I typically limit the class to 8 students. However, if you have a set up or two in your studio or there are a couple students who have their own I can manage up to ten students. Whichever way you think will work out best for you is OK with me.

Three day workshops

Three day engraving classes cost $3500 flat rate or $600 per student with the same minimum of five and maximum limit of eight students.

Tool sales:

I do not sell tools. I bring what I need to teach a class but I am not set up for retail and I do not want to deal with the paperwork/inventories associated with retail. I also do not want any money or kickbacks to influence my opinion of a tool. I give a balanced fair evaluation of each tool on the market based on its value in service at the bench. I also do not have the ability to carry tools with me beyond what I am bringing for the class itself. I do provide catalogs in the student kits so that students can order their own tools if they decide to pursue engraving beyond the class itself.

If you have any questions feel free to either email me at cover@sbcglobal.net or call me at 314-808-2508.

Note: Engraving class cost to students will vary. The host studio may add a fee to my class fee as studio rent. Therefore class cost can vary from $750 to $1000 for a five day class. Please check the schedule page for the individual cost of the class you are interested in.