For Sale

 This for sale page is divided into three categories; study castings, engraved intaglio prints, and actual engraved art items. All prices are marked. I do give student discounts on study castings and art prints. Students receive a 25% discount on castings and prints during the engraving class they are attending.

To order anything from this page please contact Ray by email at [email protected]. Shipping cost on all castings and prints will be $10 within the continental US. if ordering from outside the US please contact me at the above email address for actual shipping cost.


This First section of items for sale are instructional castings or “Study Castings“. These castings are made by first making a silicone mold from an engraving project, then a urethane plastic is poured into the mold to create an exact replica of the engraving project. Castings are used as collectible pieces by engravers. It is difficult for an engraving artist to afford to buy a lot of actual engraving projects from his peers. These castings are a great affordable way for us engravers to collect and study one another’s artwork. The castings are also perfect as study pieces for engraving students.

This casting is made from a steel intaglio printing plate that I engraved. The size of the plate is 4″ x 6″. The cost for this casting is $100.
The bulino plate casting is from a bulino engraving demo plate that I engraved many years ago. The original engraved plate was lost and the molds I had finally wore out and would no longer make quality castings. Due to this, the bulino plate casting was unavailable for many years. While unpacking the last few boxes after moving to the new location in Arcadia, MO, I found the original plate. These castings are once again available. The cost is $75
Knife casting #1 is from a knife engraving project I did several years ago. It features my classic intertwined scroll style. the stems or “spines” of the scrolls were gold inlay on the original project. The cost for this casting is $50
The above castings are made from a Dakota Arms “Little Sharps” rifle that I engraved with a combination of sculpted and single point cut scroll. These are offered in both black and the traditional ivory color. These particular castings are also being offered without ink for contrast. Inking the sculpted scroll just doesn’t seem to work out. Frankly, the sculpting seems to show up better without the ink anyway. There are a few price options here. Please specify whether you want the black color or the ivory color when ordering.
The action casting (black or ivory) is $65
The butt plate casting (black or ivory) is $65

The action and but plate together as a pair (black or ivory) are $110

This second section of the “For Sale” page contains intaglio prints made from metal engraving plates that I engraved.

The basic process for creating an intaglio print starts with a metal printing plate. Some print-makers use copper, some steel, some use zinc or another metal that can be engraved or etched. I cut so many harder metals in my everyday engraving career that I personally like engraving steel plates for prints. The plate is cut to size and the edges of the plate are beveled to prevent the plate from cutting or damaging the print paper when ran through the press. The bevels and surface of the plate are polished to prevent the surface from holding ink and creating gray areas in the print. At this point, the artwork is engraved into the surface of the printing plate.

Engraving the plate is only the first half of making a print. Once the plate is engraved, it is inked by rubbing ink down into the cuts and wiping off the surface. The print paper is dampened. The printing plate is laid on the bed of the intaglio press with the damp paper on top and both are rolled through the press. The process of running the plate and paper through the press pushes the paper down into the cuts causing it to pick up ink out of the cuts making a print. This process also embosses the plate bevels into the paper creating that classic bevel border that all intaglio prints have.

Crayfish Dinner is an intaglio print made from an engraved plate. This print edition is limited to 100 prints. All prints are printed and have been signed and numbered in pencil. The plate material is 1008 carbon steel. The image size is 4″x6″. The paper size is 8″x10″. The print paper is Stonehenge Polar White 90lb. The ink is Gamblin Portland Black. The price for this print is $100.
Above is a close up of the Crayfish dinner print.

This final section of the “For Sale” page contains engraved works of art that are for sale.

Above is a collaboration between David Broadwell and myself. David did the Knife making, I did the engraving and sculpting, and Bill Poor made the hand made steel the blade is created from. The price for this piece is $14,000
Above is another collaboration between David Broadwell and myself. The engraving on the blade and guard are sculpted. The price for this Broadwell/Cover Collaboration Fighter is $8,900
Above is a close up of that guard area of the Broadwell/Cover collaboration fighter.