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Below is a list of the2024 classes and dates. Please check the Class Descriptions page for full details of each class. Only basic descriptions are given below. Some of the classes below have special requirements or more advanced skills needed to be successful in the class. For those special requirements refer to the class descriptions page for those details.

Five Day Basic Engraving Classes

This is my entry level class designed for novice beginners. This class is also for experienced engravers who want a refresher course or a different point of view from an experienced full time bench engraver.

March 11-15 , 2024 Mon – Fri

May 6-10, 2024 Mon – Fri

 June 1-5, 2024 Sat – Wed

July 15-19, 2024 Mon – Fri

Sept 21-25, 2024 Sat – Wed

Cost: $1,000 $250 deposit required to reserve a spot in class

Intermediate Level Engraving Class

Once the basic skills are practiced enough to have control of them the student is encouraged to move forward and take an intermediate level class. To be successful in this class a student must have enough tool control.

March 18-22, 2024 Mon – Fri

Cost: $1,000 $250 deposit required to reserve a place in class.

Inside Ring Engraving Class taught by Michelle Owens

Michelle is an experienced Custom Jeweler who will show you the ins and outs of engraving script lettering and inscriptions on the inside of rings. This will not be a class full of theory. In this class you will learn the practical techniques and tools that actually work. Michelle is a working jeweler and engraver who will show you the straight forward techniques that work and get straight to a high quality finished product without wasting time.

May 17-19, 2024 Fri-Sun

Cost $750 $100 deposit reserves a spot in the class

Inlaying Hard Metals

Ever want to inlay iron into stainless, 10K gold into copper, or Titanium into chrome molly steel? Take this class and learn how. Ray leads students through an entirely different set of inlay techniques than those that are normally used in engraving. Traditional techniques require that the base metal be much harder than the metal being inlaid. The techniques taught in this class totally remove that limitation.

May 20-24, 2024 Mon – Fri

Cost: $1,250 $250 deposit is required to reserve a spot in class.

Three day Intro to Automotive/Motorcycle Engraving Class taught by Hillario Lugo

This is an intensive three day course. Things that will be covered in this class:

Engraving tools needed and where to source them, Basics of scrollwork, Intro to design and layout, Graver Sharpening, Work holding, Prepping the metal, Design transfer, Basic cuts, Engraving a simple design, Some tricks and tips of the trade as well as many resources to continue growing as an engraver.

Sept 6-8, 2024 Fri – Sun

Cost $1,600 $250 deposit reserves a spot in the class.

Watch Engraving Class

Ray will be leading students through the process of taking a watch apart, laying it out for design, engraving the watch and putting it back together. The class will cover the tools and techniques needed for watch assembly/disassembly, fixturing the watch for engraving, and techniques for engraving the watch. (Please see the full description on the Class Description page for further details. This is a more advanced class and has some special requirements.)

July 31 – Aug 4, 2024 Wed – Sun

Cost: $1,500 $300 deposit required to reserve a spot in class.

Three Day Inlay Workshop

This engraving class covers various metal inlay techniques. Sheet inlay, wire inlay, twisted wire inlay, and multi-metal inlay are all covered in this workshop.

July 22-24, 2024 Mon – Wed

Cost: $600 $100 deposit reserves a spot

Three Day Bulino Class

The three day bulino workshop is a techniques based class. In this class I cover how to create various textures, such as animal fur, hair, fish scales, bird feathers as well as shading and techniques in the process of bulino engraving animals .

July 25-27, 2024 Thur – Sat

Cost: $600 $100 deposit reserves a spot

Three Day Sculpted Engraving class

This is basically a sculpted scrollwork class. This class covers the tools and techniques required to sculpt three dimensional engraving designs. We cover making the gravers and punches needed, how to move and shape the metal being sculpted, practical and efficient ways to finish the sculpted surfaces, and much more.

July 28-30, 2024 Sun – Tues

Cost $600 $100 deposit reserves a spot in the class

Private Instruction

Ray provides private instruction as well as group classes. The advantages of private instruction are that the content can be customer tailored to the students needs. It can also be scheduled for a time that works for both the student and Ray. There are two prices for private instruction.

Cost: $625 per day or $2,750 for a five day block of time

Semi Private Instruction

Semi private instruction is structured the same way as private instruction but it is for two people. This works well for two family members, two co-workers, or two friends who are both interested in engraving.

Cost: $750 per day or $3,000 for a five day block of time


Class Reservations

To sign up for a class contact Ray Cover .
His address is 121 Garden Lane, Arcadia, Missouri 63621.
His phone number is 314 808 2508.